Dear friends,

It’s with pleasure and a sense of urgency that I write you on the subject of a breakthrough that Ms. Bee MacGuire, a member of our centre, has recently arrived at within the cadre of a peace project sponsored by this institution..

For millennia, we have been focussing on the problem of our terrible cycles off conflict as a human family, from a moral angle.

Bee MacGuire’s plan was to address this core issue, too, from another angle of regard.

Might it not, she proposes, be on a logistical level –
on a level of the formal soluton protocols we’ve been employing in our deepest peace work on this problem — that we may be able to make some progress?

For these formal solution protocols, as she points out very simply in her work, – conceptual, values-based, and even theological –appear to be based on a binary, OR-centred model in their own right, and on that neatly dichotomized basis seem to render their own objective of an end to all conflict impossible before we ever pen to paper.

As an example of the results we achieve on that curious basis she cites our current, and perpetual. Neo-Jihad vs. Neo-Crusade situation in which we find :
two teams played by the flower of our youth sent off to blow eachother up – again and again! — under the banners of formulas for an end to all conflict labeled unquestionable and in diametirc conflict with one another simultaneously.
What better recipe, she inquires, for the repetion of our problem ad infinitum?

She cites Einstein’s words : You can’t solve a problem (our gladiatorial problem between US and US for example), with the kind of thinking that created it.

In sum, the small but profoundly self-sabotaging error that Bee MacGuire uncovers at the very core of our deepest solution models, and the revised, self reconciled, AND-based solution framework that she presents as an alternative at the end of her project are astpnishingly simple, and are presented in a style which is orginal, filled with humour, hope, and affection for our human family.

What we seem, perforce, to be looking at here is a turning point, a paradigm shift, which may provide us with new grounds for hope in our efforts toward peace in the name of our children..

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